Historic Gilbert House

Status — Remodel + ADU Addition 2017 (built c. 1925)
Location — Bend, Oregon, USA
Builder — SunWest Builders; Interiors — Owners; Photos — Kayla McKenzie Photography

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? Yes. Restore, Refresh, Remodel? Yes, please! Arguably, the most sustainable build is a remodel. Built in 1925 by Nealen Gilbert – owner and operator of Gilbert’s Realty and Insurance – and his wife Mabel, this New England Colonial suffered an unfortunate remodel/addition in 1970. Tozer Design successfully excised the addition and restored the home’s south and west elevations, adding period-appropriate glazing and architectural detailing to a new ground-floor entry/patio and main floor deck. A new, detached, carriage house was added to the property at the historic rear alleyway. This small, period-appropriate, structure contains an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) over a two-car garage space.