Water Conservation

Senior Editor Joann Gonchar’s continuing education piece on water conservation features Bend’s own Desert Rain House, the world’s first Certified Living Building residential project.  See Joann’s full article>

Net Positive Energy + LBC

Patrick Sisson discusses net positive energy and the challenges of waste water recycling at Desert Rain.  Recently awarded full Living Building Challenge certification, this groundbreaking residential compound is the world’s first.   See Patrick’s full article>

World’s First LBC Home

Symone Garvett introduces the three-unit Desert Rain residential compound.  Comprised of a 2300 square foot main home (“desert rain”), 500 square foot studio (“desert sol”), and a 750 square foot, upper-level, one-bedroom apartment (“desert lookout”), this project is the world’s first fully certified, residential, Living Building.  See Symone’s full article>